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There are many internet portals, travel agencies and other intermediaries that offer holidays and reservations in all hotels around the world. But what’s the difference between booking your holiday through an intermediary and do so directly on the hotel’s website? There are many benefits that the guest gets by booking his stay directly with the hotel, perhaps many of them you have never thought of them, so we tell you below:

◼ Tailor-made stays.

The main advantage of organizing your getaways, trips or holidays booking directly on the hotel’s website is that they can prepare a stay tailored to your needs. You will be able to indicate your room preferences, views, whether it is your birthday or anniversary during your stay and you want to surprise your companion… In addition to being able to highlight any essential point to enjoy your holiday, such as allergies and food intolerances or specific needs for reduced mobility. Many intermediaries offer the option to indicate in the booking process these wishes or special needs, but they are not always transmitted to the hotel and therefore cannot be carried out, while the team of the accommodation that manages the reservation is always pending the needs of each guest and has everything perfectly organized upon arrival at the accommodation. You can also call the accommodation before booking and ask the staff for advice or suggestions, who know you better than anyone else and can guide you to fully accommodate your booking.

◼ Unsurprising bookings.

In the hotel website you will always have the latest information, the most up-to-date photographs and the most specific details of all the facilities and services they offer to enjoy during your stay. So, you’ll get to know everything in detail in advance and you won’t get any surprises when you arrive at the accommodation.

◼ Much more than a stay

In the booking process through the hotel website you can find not only stays, but complete experiences to do as a family, as a couple or, why not, if you travel alone. Excursions, a Spa treatment, a day of golf or diving during your stay… Get inspired by the options offered on the hotel’s website and you’ll find many more reasons to book your getaways, trips or holidays, avoiding availability issues, as by booking it in advance, you secure your booking of activities to make it throughout your stay.

◼ Special promotions and best price guaranteed.

Only in the hotel website you will find the best price and special promotions that are not available on any other web portal or travel agency. Hotels always design their own promotions to have the exclusive of being able to surprise their own guests with special discounts or added values that no one else offers. ¡Don’t ever forget to visit the promotions section of the hotel’s website before making your reservation to always get the best price guaranteed and surprises that you won’t find anywhere else!

◼ Direct incident management.

It does not have to happen, but throughout the trip problems can arise with air transport, illnesses or other unexpected incidents that force the modification of the stay, being the hotel much more flexible and close than other intermediaries in relation to these efforts and changes that may be needed. Being staying at the hotel, no one better than their own human team to help you, in person, with everything you need when it comes to your booking.

◼ Guarantee of quality and excellence in service.

By booking directly on the hotel’s website you are betting on an establishment or hotel group that guarantees the standards of quality, service and customer service through approved certification systems and national quality certification systems and national quality and International. Now that you know all the advantages of booking directly on our website, you decide, ¡we are clear where you should book your next stay! Go to the Lodges CLUB Lodges and Cabins website and select from all our establishments, where you want to enjoy your next vacation, ¡we assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience!